2 months in now and stil there are some things that amaze me.

I bring you Exhibit A:
Mini Negerzoenen (I’m not even gonna try and translate that). Here I guess they’re called Kisses (or in this case mini….cheap ass over here). They’re basically just that. But here I was, thinking it was a Dutch thing. But no. Like the fountain pen, the Danish take this delicacy quite serious. On a saturday in my giant neighbour mall ther were these special stands where they sold custom made packages with these. You could chose how many of each kind you’d get. What kind of chocolate, what kind of filling, what kind of topping. And it was busy. Serious shit.

Exhibit B
Take a Dutch Sinterklaas delicacy, smack some Christmas crap on it and voila, you have the Pebernødder. I could be a purist here and say that these are not really Pebernødder but Kruidnødder but in lack of the ‘real’ pepernoten, I don’t think it matters.

Exhibit C
Because, you know, just having pebernødder is not enough. Since you have the spices anyway, why not make Speculaas as well. Only now instead of naming it after the spce lets just go for the colour. Browncookie. Makes total sense.

Then there’s one more thing which surprised me but is actually kind of awesome. In Denmark (and other Scandinavian countries) when parents with young children (like those still in Prams) go to a restaurant, coffee bar, whatever, they often leave their sleeping kid outside. You’ll just see some unattended prams outside of a restaurant. Often parents are close to the window, but still, it is kind of a weird sight for those coming from places where we’re constantly stressed out about public safety.

Not that it’s all sunshine and puppies here. On the contrary. Bloody cold and wet.

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