Today is the friday before the fall break here in Denmark. Apparently Fall-break is a big deal here. I’ve had several professors say that you’re not supposed to work in this week and they have moved deadlines to make this possible. So apparently it’s a big deal. It is in fact so special Copenhagen has a special night to celebrate it: the Kulturnatten.

It sounds kind of vulgar, seeing it written like that, but basically it means ‘Culture Night’. All you have to do is score a badge for 90DKK (€12), a badge like this:
Not only does this badge grant you free access to all forms of public transport, it also gives you free access to many of the city’s museums, organised workshops and concerts (often in churches). And to top it all off, this day is also the day Tivoli opens its doors again after a small closure to show off its new Halloween setting (Something called ‘The Last Hotel’ or something, still not good at Danish….). Regrettably, most is in Danish, but still there’s enough to see.

But what is culture night like? I guess you can compare it to Queensday. A civilised Queensday (or Kingsday, whatever git you tend to follow). Sure people can drag beer around and you can buy alcoholic beverages of varying intensity nearly everywhere (I found a Rum Club, how about that), the night is still mainly about the cultural attractions. It is therefore more like a crossbreed between Queensday and Open Monument day.
Some buildings are also open that usually have only limited access. Like the house of Parliament for instance.

Another thing that was open was the courthouse and the jail. The jail was highly popular ironically. There was a 30m  queue already and I didn’t see how far it went on after it went around the corner.

There is however one thing that bugs me. Old Danish couples (I’m talking 80s here). I can understand that they don’t walk that fast and that’s fine. What’s not fine is suddenly standing still with your entire friend group and literally stopping the entire stream of people in their tracks for god knows what reason. When confronted they became all self-righteous about it. People got pissed. Don’t know why. All Danish.

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