The Netherlands and Denmark: A Comparison

I’ve been in Denmark for a Month now. More specifically, I’ve been in Copenhagen for a month now. This means I have had plenty of time to outline some striking differences as possibly already shown in earlier entries.

Gezellig vs. Hygge
Gezellig is one of those words which apparently can not be translated into any language. Cozy, agreeable, whatever, no one can think of a world (I doubt though, leave some students in a room and they’ll spout a term 50 times a minute). The Danish however did come up with one. Hygge. Whereas in the Netherlands Gezellig is mostly used on social occassions or by students, in Denmark Hygge is part of their national Identity. This means they see themselves as quite an agreeable people. Then again, they often use it ironically, referring to their country as hyggeland, meaning that there’s plenty wrong with Denmark.

The Netherlands is a poor facial hair country. Some can pull it off, but they’re immediately branded hipsters. Danish folks are pro at growing beards. Full, long and often brown, Danish beards are great. And not just bespectacled, Macbook carrying, checkered vest wearing youths have beards. Every man can grow such a great beard: old, adult, baby (in the shape of head warmers).

University Service
Dutch copying costs are extraordinary low (3 cents) whereas Danish costs are quite expensive (10cts). However, should your laptop be stolen in the Netherlands you’ll have to buy a new one. In Denmark, or at least at ITU, this earlier described bespectacled, Macbook….. hipster came into the IT office and asked for a new MacBook because his got stolen. Not only did he get it, he also demanded the newest version and he wanted it the same day. Arrogant asshole…. But he did get it.

Kruidnoten vs. Kammerjunkeren
In the Netherlands people start moaning if Kruidnoten are in shops around September. The Danes have Kammerjunkeren, similar kind of semi-circular cookies that taste like vanilla, spritsen etc. I haven’t found a speculaas flavoured one. These things however are in the shops all year round. Now I’m wondering whether there’ll be a Sinterklaas like person with entourage as well here?

The weather
Who am I kidding. It’s raining cats and dogs here and the Netherlands has shiny weather. That’s bullshit.

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