Frustrations of a Fountain Pen Writer

I write with a fountain pen. It looks better, has more class, and basically my ballpoint writing is incomprehensible.
I know this and I steel myself or it.

Danish do not have the same sort of class. There are hardly any fountain pen users. As a result, there are no ink cartridges for sale anywhere. This has proven to be a problem for my clarity and coherence, all because Denmark wants to write with ballpoints. Classless plebs….

This rant however is a bit polemic. The Danish do have fountain pens. It is however a Design item. Instead of classless, they are more patrician than one can imagine. Buying a fountain pen, and all accessories with it is done in a special shop and is Outrageously expensive. Out. Rage. Iously. I mean…look at how fancy:


Clearly, I am the classless pig.

Copenhagen is a big of a mystery in the kind of image it wants to have. On the one hand, it is still very much an old harbour town and it capitalises on this particular trait. One of the main tourist attractions, the Nyhavn is so charming exactly because of this:

However, on the other side, it tries to be the main house of modern architecture. The main attraction here is the Opera Building which is directly opposite of the Royal Palace. This thing is said to have a roof comparable to Sydney’s Opera house, it is that special:
I think it looks like a flat roof with a box on it, but who am I to judge.

Then there’s also a part which is built by architects from Amsterdam. You can imagine what that looks like. Canals, bridges, and a town where smoking weed is the main priority.

And of course there’s this thing:

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