Money and Mobility

I have figured it out.

All this time I have been hearing that Denmark is expensive, and overall I have been pleasantly surprised (0.5L of beer is 20DKK (bit more than 2 euro). However, I have discovered the bane of my Danish existence. As a student and reasonable pencil pusher I require lots of office equipment. Think of pens, erasers, pencils and paper. But Lo and behold! Denmark decided to make these things outrageously expensive (about 5 euro for an eraser…). So yea…that doesn’t aid the playground designing project. But screw that. Here it is.


I have figured out something else as well.
Copenhagen isn’t that big. You can walk everything. That being said….it does tire you out and break your feet. That is why the Copenhagians use bikes. And they are very proud of it too. Apparently it’s a tourist attraction or something….but biking is the main mode of transport. Despite that, they don’t sell bikes in a complete way. A new bike does not have a lock nor does it have any life and if you’re really unlucky, you don’t even have a bell.
Never mind that though, I got a bike. I had to walk 2 hours for it. But I got one.
No I can be part of the Copenhagians and their obsessions with bikes.

And the great thing is: everywhere you can walk, you can also sort of bike. So even on a bike, you won’t miss sights like this:


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