Magic and Beer

Danes and their Friday Afternoons are a sight to behold.

So after a Game Design lecture (where I’m now officially part of….) where we presented our new sport of DestructiBALL (mix dodgeball and golf), the weekend began. The ITU has a bar in its top right corner. From the auditorium, nearly every student marched into this white room with tables. And that’s when it began….

The bar was immediately crowded. Friday means beer. And not just beer. I was under the impression that beer was outrageously expensive, but apparently not. People stepped away from the bar with 0.5L of beer at a minimum and complete pitchers of beer max (one guy carried 3 of those). People drink, and they’re good at it. Surprise nr. 1

I sat there, looking at all the beers passing by and slowly my game studies colleagues joined my table. However, about 3 minutes later, nearly all of them got up to my surprise and sat down at another table. Did I do something wrong? It wasn’t that. Together with their move to another table, everyone whipped out their Magic Decks in a variety of containers. Special deck boxes with pictures, in sleeves, no sleeves, rubber bands around them, in a sock, whatever. Suddenly everyone was either playing or watching people play magic. Clearly I was not prepared for this. Surprise nr. 2

When I found a familiar non-magic playing group, the conversation was naturally about games or they’d play a game they’d just invented. And although I considered myself a bit of a gamer, I have to concede that I can hardly keep up with the conversations. These people played so many games (oftentimes they are about 10 to 20 years older than me….). I just nod and sometimes make some remark and try and get it to a game I’m familiar with. Surprise nr. 3

So yea….

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