Granite, Traffic Lights and Courses

Copenhagen has this new-ish feel to it. All the buildings are angular, modern art decorates the streets, the playgrounds are futuristic and the pavements are made of large granite slabs. It all looks very sleek. It is therefore no place for a suitcase from quite some years back and which is gravely imbalanced due to the large amount of clothes and stuff in them. The trip from Alex’ house to my house (usually a 35 minute walk) now took 70 minutes due to my suitcase constantly deciding that the granite floor was a good enough excuse to wobble and topple.

Anyway, I now finally have my key and my room. It’s on the first floor of a building opposite of a huge shopping centre. Furthermore, I have 3 flatmates with varying nationalities. Nice and all.
DSCF8154 DSCF8155

Also, while I’m talking about the roads of Copenhagen, allow me to reflect on the Copenhagen traffic lights. Where in the Netherlands, and many other countries I’ve been to, the pedestrian light can turn green and before turning red blinks a couple of times. Not in Copenhagen. The Danish are all like ‘yea….you think you’re still free to walk, but no….let’s be red now’. So that takes getting used to. I’m learning to be a professional Jaywalker.

I’ve also started the game design course (or I should have started it. The University has not put me in this course but I’m still trying for them to do so, because it’s sort of the only course I really came here for and which fits in the required ECTS thing). This course is mental. It is taught by a happy Spaniard who is more into play design instead of game design. As such, he brings barbies and teddy bears to class and we have as a homework assignment to design a playground. Awesome, but tough.

Also Danish shopping. What’s up with that. They don’t do fractured amounts. Very cheap stuff is 8 Kronen but most is between 10 and 30. There’s no tracking how much money you actually spend for a Euro-person. I mean: THEY HAVE A 20 KRONEN COIN, how weird is that?


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