So you’ve managed to find this particular page. A page about humanities academia. That means you’re either friend or family, a highly motivated student, or an unfortunate Google searcher (or a combination). Nevertheless, Welcome.

I’m Sjors Martens and I’ve studied Media sciences at Utrecht University. I’ve also had some brief contact with physics and game design. Lots of stuff to learn, not always clear what I’m learning it for.

This page is devoted to such doubts. Blogs on special courses, exchanges and conference. But the page is mostly about my ‘Pseudo-Academic’ blog. You learn all these theories, these perspectives on a variety of things, but you only use them to make papers for assignments with. But what if we use what we learned to understand how to be a goddamn adult…or a general human being. So here are some ramblings about how to see the world a bit informed. Or they’re just ideas that will never get published, but you know…ideas….don’t judge me.

So yea….

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